Friday, June 8, 2018

Yellowstone! Day 3

Friday, June 8

On Friday morning a bison came right up to our camp which was a little breathtaking and a little terrifying. The three oldest kids were all still sleeping in the tent so I grabbed Daisy and put her in the van to keep her safe and just watched the bison warily until it passed through our camp right past our tent.

After packing up our camp we said good bye to Madison campground and headed down to Yellowstone Lake on the way back up to Canyon campground.

On the way we stopped by Midway Geyser basin to see the Grand Prismatic Spring which was gorgeous and SUPER crowded. Then we went to Biscuit Basin and then the West Thumb Geyser basin along the western edge of Yellowstone Lake. There was a really nice trail loop along the coast and we could see the "Fishing Cone" which is a small geyser coming out of the water.

The Canyon campground is in Canyon Village, a really nice little town and we ended up getting an AMAZING campsite that was gigantic and right next to the bathroom.

After setting up camp we made a quick stop to the "Artist Point" just outside of Canyon Village and then got some supplies and souvenirs in town.