Sunday, May 7, 2017

SoCal Vacation! Legoland! Disneyland!

So the company I work for offers hefty referral bonuses and since I referred two friends who are now working here the company gave me quite a hefty bonus.  So we decided to go to Legoland and Disneyland!  We went down at the end of April and stayed for a week.  We first went to San Diego and spent two day at Legoland.  Robin and Zeke and Raiphe joined us for our San Diego stint and the kids loved having their cousins with them!  On Saturday we explored the Carlsbad area and then went to LegoLand that Sunday and Monday.  Sunday was pretty rough and crowded but Monday went down as one of the greatest days any of us have ever experienced at a theme park.  Hardly any crowds.  No lines anywhere.  It was incredible.

Then Monday night we drove up to Anaheim for our 3-day Disneyland stint.  The weather was pretty hot but not as scorching as our last trip to Disneyland back in September 2014.  Definitely bearable.  We had timed the trip so the lines wouldn't be that bad and really it was pretty great.  We took advantage of the "ride swapping" system they have where one parent can stay behind and they give you extra fast passes to come back.  We went on Space Mountain so many times!  Isaac, Ellie and Sammy were all big enough to go so we really made it a focus.  The best line of the week came from Sammy when he exclaimed "IT SCARED THE BANANAS OUT OF ME!!!"  By the way - check out all those empty seats in the Space Mountain car!  SOO GOOD!  And yeah, I was totally too cheap to purchase the photo they took.  :)

BTW, that "grey stuff" WAS delicious!

The other kids weren't tall enough so Isaac and Maxine did the new and improved Matterhorn.  Isaac was impressed :) 

So it turns out if you want to see a parade at Disneyland you have to get there way before it starts and stake a claim.  There was a lot of waiting and a lot of heat and a few unhappy campers...

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