Sunday, November 6, 2016


They recently opened up a new Harmon's over by Sheena's house and about 10 or so minutes from us.  It's a magical store and on the second level they have a bunch of tables so I came up with the idea of taking the kids there for a cheap and easy outing.  I let each kid pick out any treat from the store they want and we bring a board game or two and just sit and play and chat.  It's been really fun and I highly recommend it as a cheap and relaxing way to spend some quality time with your kid.

The first time we did it I took Isaac and he brought a board game he had invented based on a video game called "Plants vs Zombies."  It was surprisingly a really well-thought out and fun game.  Isaac has been getting into board games lately and we play a lot. 
 Sammy and "Engineering Ants"
 Ellie and "Hi-Ho Cherry-O"
 My outing with Sammy today - Chess.
 My outing with Ellie today - again with the Hi-Ho Cherry-O.  We also played Candy Land.  :)

Isaac and Maxine playing "Munchkin."

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