Thursday, August 25, 2016

July, pt.2: The Leonardo, Splash Pad, Cecret Lake

Collin and Sammy had such a great time at The Leonardo museum that we got the family membership and went together one weekend.  The place was nearly empty, and every activity was the kind of thing you want to spend a good half hour doing.  I tried building an arched bridge with just straight wooden sticks (it collapsed on the second to last piece!), Sammy and I worked on a short stop-motion animation, we did green screen shenanigans, Daisy played with giant legos while the others worked on a giant marble run on a wall, and we hung out in a room made entirely of mirrors. 

My Aunt Lisa and Uncle Sing stopped for a visit en route from Zion's to Yellowstone.  It was lovely to see them, and they brought us some homegrown passionfruit(!!) and the juiciest oranges I have ever eaten - also homegrown.

We took Isaac's best friend Gage to the new Lehi splash pad one fine summer's day.  The kids had a blast racing their flip flops down the river and other fun things.  Daisy got in on the action, too.

Collin and I went on date to Wasabi in Draper for their happy hour sushi.  It wasn't anything too spectacular, but their TNT roll arrived at the table in flames and was smoky-delicious.  We love sushi!!

Collin installed a storm door, and it's wonderful and awesome and perfect!  Daisy likes to hang out at the door watching the world go by.

Baking for the latter half of the month: Fresh strawberry pie!

We went on a hike to Cecret (AKA Secret) Lake at the top of little Cottonwood Canyon.  It was easily the most beautiful hike we've been on.  The whole time we kept exclaiming over the beauty that surrounded us: the vast meadows of wildflowers (the boys counted 26 different types), the massive rocky boulders, the meandering streams, the majestic panoramas, and the serene lake at the end.  There were multiple side trails which made for some fun exploring - we found a big rock imprinted all over with fossil shells on one of these side trails.  It was an uphill hike with some switchbacks at the very end, but the kids did great.  And we were rewarded at the very end with tons of salamanders in the lake.  We met another boy who was catching them and let us see one up close.  I think we were on the hike for about 4 hours, including the picnic lunch we had at the lake. 

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