Wednesday, August 24, 2016

July, pt.1: Independence Day, California, Collin's birthday

Both sets of parents are planning to move out of California by the end of the year, so we took one last hurrah vacation out there at the beginning of July.  Since we wouldn't be at our own house for our usual Fourth of July fireworks bonanza, we let the kids do their sparklers and a few small fireworks the night before leaving.  They had a blast with it, and as a fun bonus, my friend Julie was there for the night to play.  The sunset was gorgeous that night, too.

Our California trip started in LA with my parents.  We went out to for Taiwanese shaved ice, had dim sum, and went to the park.  My mom got a ridiculously large lobster and a few crabs for dinner one of the nights.  The kids were in awe and so excited to try their first shellfish.  Unfortunately, they didn't like the taste nearly as much as they liked the live creatures.

Next up: San Diego and the beach! We hit the beach twice during this trip.  The kids switched off playing in the sand and splashing in the warm ocean.  Even Daisy loved splashing in the water.  Ellie was a little too fearless with the ocean and ended up falling under a couple times.  Good thing we were right there to catch her. The weather was gorgeous and we could easily have spent the whole day at the beach each time. 

On our second beach trip we spent a fair amount of time building a sand kingdom, complete with moat and channel to draw the ocean water up.  After we finished the kids thought it would be fun to let Daisy Godzilla the thing to the ground.  It didn't go quite as we'd pictured - she made for a very timid Godzilla and gently scraped at each building.  
Collin celebrated his birthday in San Diego.  We went out to dinner at Kula Sushi - a revolving sushi bar.  We were a little uncertain about the quality of the sushi there at first, but then we figured out that all the sushi could be made fresh to order (instead of the room temp stuff from the conveyor belt) and it was game on!  Some of our favorites were the sweet scallops, bluefin tuna, and yellowfin tuna.  The boys had a blast trying all kinds of different sushi, and Ellie... ate watermelon.  They have a screen at each table with an animated samurai trying to fight off bad guys, with the help of how much sushi we ate of course!  We got a little knickknack prize for every 15 sushi plates we deposited, which really motivated the kids to eat more.  Ha!  After dinner we headed home for some lavender-blueberry pie that I'd made.  Happy birthday, Collin!  I couldn't ask for a better father and husband!

We got to meet up with my cousin Sylvie and her sweet family at Ballast Point.

And some random pics: Paprika peach pie, Daisy took so many baths at Grandma Coco's house, and random goofing off.

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