Sunday, April 3, 2016

Update, April 3, 2016

It's official - we have a crawler!  I repeat, Daisy is crawling and looking for all the random bits of food and Legos in the carpet!  She's still a little wobbly, but she gets the job done. Fun fact: she still can't roll over from front to back, silly girl. 
This week Daisy also started eating her first finger foods, which she loves. A lot.
We took the kids to D.I. on Saturday for their first thrift shopping experience.  They were each allowed to pick out a toy, and we grabbed a bunch of classic games like Operation, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Mousetrap, and Curses!  These have been thoroughly entertaining the kids for the past day.  Then we did this after dinner one night, because we know how to have a good time:

And because videos are the theme of this week, here's one of Ellie dancing, because she is simply too vibrant to contain in a still image.

I had a frilly pink smash cake order this week, so I made cupcakes with the extra batter and decorated them the same way.
It rained briefly on Thursday.  The rainbow that followed was rather stunning.  Boy, do I love our view! 
 Happy April!

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