Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly digest, February 21, 2016

February 8th was the Chinese New Year!  Welcome to the year of the Monkey!  We celebrated by having an *authentic Chinese dinner complete with a whole fish, noodles, whole chicken, potstickers, and tong yuan for dessert.  The Menkes joined us and we gave all the kids red envelopes with cash inside.  They used the cash to buy these really cool Hexbug "Warriors" which battle each other and have a health meter and shut down when their meter drops to zero.  Don't worry - Daisy was the referee to make sure there was no cheating. 
Oh and Daisy can sit up like a champ now!  We just plunk her on the ground, put a pillow behind her for when she inevitably falls backward, and give her some toys and/or her little laptop which she loves so much. 

On February 13th some of the kids got sick.  By Monday the 15th they were all sick.  Daisy is still sounding pretty crappy and congested almost a week later but she's still in really good spirits.  She's such a smiley baby!
We've been trying to include Elinor in more of our cooking and she's really been loving it.  She loves wearing the apron and stirring things.  And there's always fantastic kitchen conversations with her. 
On Friday the 19th Sammy's class had a career-fair type of event.  the kids got to write up a board about what they want to be and some of them even dressed up for that future career.  Sammy wants to be a monster truck driver.  It's pretty fitting.
Yesterday we drove up to Salt Lake for a family outing.  We stopped by Tony Caputo's for some fun little treats and then went over to the Gateway mall.  We went to the Planetarium and then walked over to Barnes and Noble.  On the way home we stopped by at Harmon's for some takeout so we could eat it picnic-style to our Family Movie Night like we did two weeks ago with "Tangled".  It wasn't quite as magical (Ellie was afraid of the "Secret of Nimh") but it was still really fun.
So this week the weather has finally begun to warm up!  The snow is actually almost fully melted!  The kids got to ride their bikes yesterday and today - Isaac said that yesterday was pretty much the most perfect day possible.  You wouldn't know that looking at these pictures of him at the Planetarium, but he was having a good time.  :)

I'll just leave this here.  Ellie being a little goofball with Maxine's glasses.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekly Digest, February 7 2016

Tuesday February 2nd was Grandpa's funeral.  It was also really really freezing but at least the crazy snowstorm from Monday let up.  It was actually a very nice and peaceful day.  The funeral began at Grandma's chapel near her house.  There was a viewing and then we met in the main chapel at 11:00 for the funeral itself.  First Sheena and Winslow spoke together, then Jeannette, and then a friend of Grandpa's.  The female grandchildren (and Maxine) all sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives."  Then we all drove over to the cemetery for the interment.  There was a military ceremony and flag-folding.  It was really cool.
The guy on the right played Taps.  It was beautiful.

After the funeral we met up at the chapel and had a potluck.  The kids all had fun playing together and it was neat seeing the entire family together in one room.  We are a gigantic family.
Grandma and her remaining children.
Grandma and her grandchildren.  There are five missing from the photo.
 Her great-grandchildren didn't all fit in one picture.  87 great-grandchildren! (although a few were missing).  Sammy is on the far left of this picture and Isaac is up in the top middle with Cade.
Ellie and Daisy are on the far left.  Daisy is on Ashton's lap.  

Otherwise it was a pretty normal week.  Except for the insane snowstorm on Monday - I worked from home because it was too terrifying to drive in.

Last night we had our greatest Family Home Movie Night ever.  We drove up to downtown SLC and went to the Gourmandise Bakery and got some fancy pastries.  Then we stopped by Chinatown and got take-out Chinese food from "Ho Mei."  When we got home we put a blanket on the floor and ate our takeout picnic-style while watching "Tangled."  This may have been the first time that Ellie watched the entire movie with us without complaint.  She actually liked it! And the food really hit the spot - we got a half roast duck (Sammy's request), veggie chow mein, and sweet and sour chicken.

I snapped these pictures today.  Nothing big, just tried to capture simple moments.