Sunday, January 31, 2016

Willard Call Mann: 1921-2016

This past Thursday Grandpa Mann died.  The man was/is a hero and an incredible patriarch.  He was strong and muscular before there were gyms.  He was married for 73 years!  He hobnobbed with celebrities and has an autograph book that would put any Comic-con fanboy to shame.  He has a Purple Heart.  He had a distinctive voice that was smooth as silk yet raspy and manly.  Even as an older man he could walk up stairs on his hands.  The man was solid and unstoppable.  Part of me thought he'd never actually die - he just seemed too strong for that.  He's such a man that even his last name means "man".  He was a perfect example to his family of over 100 descendants of how a true man should look and act.

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