Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weekly Digest, December 27, 2015

On December 23rd we took the kids to the dentist.  They all behaved so well!  Elinor was proud of herself for being so good and brave.  She got high-fives and a little toy from the dentist.  She was thrilled.  Sammy had two cavities. Isaac, who has so far only lost one tooth, had a perfect set of teeth.  The dentist noticed that a new tooth will be coming in soon and Isaac was shocked to notice that it was indeed loose and that he'd never noticed it before.  Daisy was super sweet too and sat contentedly on our laps the whole time.

On the morning of December 24th we met up with the Barringtons, Tkoches, and Grandparents at Sheena's house.  This year we decided to do a book exchange - each child got a book from a cousin.  It turned out perfectly and all the kids had a great time.

On Christmas Eve night we had cheese fondue for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert.

This was the first time a full moon fell on Christmas since 1977.  So in our entire lives we have never experienced a full moon on Christmas Eve night before.  It was super bright - I took this photo a little before midnight.

We had a great snowfall that night and the kids had a blast on Christmas day playing out in the snow.

The kids behaved wonderfully on Christmas day.  Even Sammy was at his super sweetest.

After getting tons of Legos and Knex they spent the majority of the day at the dining room table putting everything together.

Daisy is super cute.

We went sledding this morning.  Some kind neighbor(s) made a great little jump.  Isaac spent the entire time going off the jump over and over again.  Sammy and Ellie and I shared the other sled.  Ellie was fearless and was even more delighted whenever she biffed it or fell off the sled.

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