Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekly Digest, November 8 2015

Since we moved our clocks back an hour last week Elinor has been getting up a little before 7:00 each morning, just in time for me to get her breakfast before I leave for work.  She was being really cute one morning (in Isaac's/Sammy's old pajamas) and I had to grab a few pictures.  She readily supplied me with sweet smiles.

The ladies in our family are so cute!  Just grabbin' a selfie here.
Here's Maxine as a baby with her cousin Michelle.  Cute little cheeks and an unfortunate hairline.
Daisy has been so cute and smiley and laughey!  Tonight we were with Grandpa and Grandma Mann and Daisy was smiling so big listening to Grandma talk.

Each night after bedtime Sammy stays up until around 9:30 to 10:00 drawing intently.  I mean, really intently.  FEVERISHLY.  He can't sleep unless he creates a masterpiece and he proudly comes downstairs to show us when it's done.  Lately the boys have really been getting into Lego "Mixels" and they love building them during the day and then drawing them at night.  Of course if Sammy's not drawing Mixels he's drawing Star Wars AT-ATs, AT-STs, and AT-DPs.  The other night he drew a bunch of AT-STs dancing in a dance club with colored flashing lights.  He even drew musical notes in the air.  (In this photo you can see that Isaac and Ellie are asleep in bed.  And yes, they all sleep in the same bed together every night.  By choice.)

On Friday night we had some new friends (the Cromptons, Wendy's kin) come over for a cheese shindig.  It was a fantastic platter, with honey, hazelnuts, and truffle salami.  Much fancy.  Wow.
  • Cypress Grove Chevre Purple Haze (goat cheese with fennel pollen and lavender (Northern California)
  • Rocchetta - cow, goat, and sheep cheese (Italy)
  • Raspberry Bellavitano Sartori (Wisconsin)
  • Domaine De Vallage  Triple Cream (France)

  • Uniekaas Vintage Aged 3 year Gouda (Holland)

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