Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekly update, October 18, 2015

I had dinner Monday night with my lovely friend Wendy at her brother's and his wife's house.  Collin stayed home with the kids so that I could have all kinds of fun without worrying about getting back in time for a sitter.  Good thing, too, because we had a blast.  Ryan and Rachel (brother+wife) pulled out all the stops with a delicious dinner, and I brought this apple crumble pie with hard sauce for dessert. 

Fall is upon us!  We went to Rowley's Red Barn in Santaquin on Tuesday.  We went there last year and had the time of our lives, so we thought we would repeat the experience this year.  It was still plenty fun, but not quite as magical as last year.  We ice creamed, photo op'd, giant slided, sandboxed, go-kart pedaled, haystack climbed, corn mazed, wagon rode, and of course pumpkin picked.
The schools were on fall break this Thursday and Friday, with an extra day off on Monday (tomorrow) for staff development.  We celebrated by going to the Cedar City cabin Thursday evening until today.  We always have such a lovely time there.  After an initial scare involving a locked door and not having the key, we were able to - ahem - get in and start the fun.  We took a few little hikes through the property each day.  There are no paved trails, only slightly more traversed pathways that the deer have carved out over time.  Speaking of wildlife, last time we saw a family of deer wander through the yard.  This year we had to content ourselves with a family of wild turkeys and a dead deer on one of our hikes.  Hey, nature is nature, right?
A friend of mine did a fantastic little project with her kids on her blog: a homemade Halloween village set - or ghost town, if you will.  We did!  I brought all kinds of craft supplies with us to the cabin, then we planned, cut, painted, hot glued, sanded and repainted (note to selves: some of the boxes were too slick for tempera paint to adhere to), decorated, and sanded and repainted again with acrylic paints (additional note to selves: tempera paint is not ideal for these kinds of projects) until we were completely satisfied.  I love how they turned out, and it was something the whole family got in on (Collin was responsible for the saloon, natch). I even spray painted the ghosts with glow-in-the-dark paint for maximum awesomeness. 

The kids helped by hunting for the perfect ghost-shaped rocks, painting the ghosts and buildings, and drawing on the ghosts' faces.  Elinor kept adding more and more rocks to the pile until we put a cap on how many ghosts we could have.  In the end she decided to draw her own family of unpainted mini-rocks.
When everything was complete, they had a blast playing with their new ghost town set.  They alternated between playing with the set outside on the deck while the ghosts charged up their glowing power, and running their ghosts inside and shutting themselves into a pitch black bathroom to have a glowing ghost party.  Seriously, so much fun!

Daisy had a great time this weekend too.  She was more content than usual, just hanging out and smiling and cooing at anyone who would look her way.  We kind of adore her.  Happy fall break!

P.S.  We checked on the kids before going to bed one night and found Ellie like this:

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