Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekly Digest, August 9, 2015

Earlier this week we decided to move Elinor out of her room and into the boys' room.  It may sound crazy but we're going to turn Elinor's room into a nursery for Daisy for now.  Plus Elinor has been begging to sleep in the boys' room for months now so meh.   There have been some ups and downs this past week but for the past few nights the kids seem to finally be figuring things out.

On Wednesday my company rented out Boondocks for the evening and let all the employees get unlimited access plus $5 worth of tokens for each person.  We got 100 tokens!  We went crazy with them!  We even played the $2 Star Wars game three times.  It was fantastic.  The boys were so thrilled about the go-carts.  And then by around 8:00 the insane number of people plus tired kids started getting to us and we fled the scene while we were ahead.  But at least we porked out on pizza, soda, and ice cream sandwiches!

Some cute and not-so-cute pictures of Daisy:

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