Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekly digest, August 2, 2015

It's hard to believe that Daisy is almost 2 weeks old now.  Colleen was here last week to help out and my mom was here this week to help.  It's been wonderful to have so much support the first two weeks, and the kids have really loved seeing both their grandmas. 
Our weekly digests might be fairly one-dimensional for the next little while; life right after having a new baby sort of stands still and then tends to revolve around said baby.  But at least we have a bunch of pictures of a cute little baby!

Daisy's eyelashes are already insanely long.  All our kids have really long, full eyelashes, but Daisy seems to be on track to beat them all.

Ellie has really taken a shine to Daisy.  She asks to see "my baby" pretty much any time Daisy is awake or nursing.  She loves to cuddle with her little sister and give her kisses.
Isaac is the only one who can swing by himself.  It gets frustrating for him to play on the swing set with Sammy and Ellie because they require him to push them.  Today, they finally found a solution: Chain swinging!  Or, as I prefer to call it, Crack the Whip: Swing Edition!
 And here are a few more pictures of Daisy, because.

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