Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekly digest, July 26, 2015

Pretty much the only news for this week is the arrival of Daisy Collette on Tuesday, July 21, at 12:55am.  Her middle name is an amalgam of our mothers' first names: Colleen and Betty (though "Colletty" was too weird, so we fiddled with it just a bit).

I'm still a little in shock over how quickly everything went once it got going.  I wasn't sure if I was in labor for the first several hours, then suddenly I was sure, then a couple hours later Daisy was born.  Crazy!  

Daisy had some liquid suctioned out of her stomach after she was born.  She was a little bubbly for a while afterward. 
Daisy's weight at birth definitely surprised us.  She looked at birth like our other kids did when they were several weeks old, only much chubbier.  Just look at those Popeye forearms and that double chin! And we won't even get started on those cheeks!
But there was other fun stuff, like the awesome hospital where I delivered!  Our room was huge and fancy - it was where I labored, delivered, and stayed for the rest of the time.  The bathroom was pretty fancy too, with a walk-in tub (too bad I didn't get to use it for more than two minutes).

But the best thing about this hospital was the "Nourishment Room," which was a fully stocked kitchenette that patients were given free access to.  There were snacks of every kind - cookies, crackers, cereal, yogurt, pudding, jello, popsicles, ice cream - and beverages of every kind - sodas, water, hot coffee/tea/cocoa, aaaaand SLUSHIES!!

I didn't have any, but the kids sure enjoyed them.  Possibly more exciting than getting a baby sister.  I think each kid had three cups o' slush each time they visited.

But don't worry, the kids also thoroughly enjoyed meeting their new sister, Elinor especially. 

Though Sammy is a little skeptical about this baby when she's crying...

Unfortunately, it wasn't all snacks and slushies during our stay.  Early Wednesday morning, around 4:00am, Daisy's bilirubin levels shot up and the doctor wanted to keep her an extra day on the bili-lights.  So, our little blue light special got to catch some rays while I hung out in my room catching up on episodes of "When Calls the Heart" (don't judge!).

She rallied and was fine the next morning, so we've just been at home adjusting to our new family of 6 (!!) and loving on sweet little Daisy.

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