Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly digest, July 19, 2015

Not much happened this week, especially on the baby front.  Today is the baby's due date, though she didn't seem to get the memo.  I've never been this pregnant before (Elinor was the latest birth at 4 days early).  Here's me trying to stay positive about it:

Tuesday night we went to the Barringtons' for a last-minute shindig with the Combe family.  We saw Joan and Roger, Amy and her family, Erin and her family, Matt and his family, and Bob and his family.  Collin hasn't seen so many of the Combes together since around 1996, so it was fun to do some catching up.

Wednesday evening I got to see Erika, my best from since third grade, for the first time in about 9 years as well as our friend Amy.  It was so much fun catching up and being silly. 

Collin took Ellie on a date to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday afternoon.  She LOVES riding the ponies and seeing the animals there and had a great time with her daddy.

Colleen is in town to help out with the baby (if she ever comes!), so we were able to go on a date Saturday evening to the Bombay House in West Jordan.  It was the first time we've eaten Indian food since living in New Zealand, and boy was it tasty!  Totally worth the heartburn (though Collin might disagree).  No pictures of course - we were too busy shoveling tasty lamb korma and chicken tikka masala into our pieholes.

Elinor is really into dancing, and her moves are choice.  Witness:
And finally, Ellie has been putting the baby's gear to good use lately.  At least someone is using it.  (And yes, I do think the passive aggression will help this baby to come out sooner!)
 Here's to hoping we'll have some much more exciting news to share in the very near future!!

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