Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekly Digest, July 12, 2015

Tuesday was my birthday!  I turned 37.  Pretty old.  Maxine made an incredible blueberry pie, we had a nice prime cut of rib-eye grilled on the BBQ, and one of the best cheese platters ever.

A couple weeks ago we decided to get our bathroom remodeled.  It was a spontaneous last-minute decision and we happened to find out at the same time that we have a friend who's done construction for about 30 years or so and he offered to remodel our bathroom at a very cheap price.  He finished up on Wednesday and it turned out fantastic!  (although Maxine picked everything out)

Yesterday there was this random event at Thanksgiving Point that was sponsored by Target.  It was a total corporate sellout but it actually turned out to be a perfect family outing!  And everything was free!!!  (except the food trucks).

We started with pot painting.  They also provided seeds and potting soil.

Next there were "Monster Bubbles":

Utah has developed quite an amazing Food Truck scene in the past couple of years.  The most popular one is called "Cupbop" - it's a Korean food truck.  I've been wanting to try it out for a while but it's always eluded us or been inconvenient.  We were thrilled to find that both Cupbop and Wood-fired Pizza trucks were there!  We got both.  And a shave ice.  

Local animal shelters set up lots of opportunities for kids to interact with different animals.  There was a snake, kittens, a parrot, and tons and tons of dogs.  We were all in dog heaven.

Today I took the kids to the park to play.  They've been cooped up a lot lately and we've had a very unfortunate heat wave but the heat wave is finally over and it was the perfect day to play.  Since it was Sunday morning everyone was at church and we had the whole park to ourselves!  It was the perfect outing.

After lunch I let the kids eat popsicles outside.  They all sat on the bottom step together and quietly enjoyed the scenery.  It was too cute:

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