Sunday, July 26, 2015

Introducing Daisy Collette Parrish

Daisy made her way into this world at 12:55am on July 21, 2015 (two days after her due date).  Weighing in at 8 lbs. 7 oz., she  easily eclipsed our second heaviest baby by over a pound.  She was born in the brand new Mountain Point Medical Center, just 5 minutes away from our house. Below is her birth story.

I started regular contractions in the late afternoon, about 3:30.  They kept up their steady pace until about 9:30 that night, when I switched to active labor. Collin and I headed to the hospital at about 10:30, leaving the kids with Colleen.  Once we got ourselves checked in, the nurses checked my cervix (6 cm and 100% effaced - "paper thin," as the nurse described it) and then had to monitor the baby for a while before I was free to move around as I pleased.
Unfortunately for me, I was pretty much in transition by then.  I asked to hop in the tub, but the water only made it up to my ankles before I realized I was starting to bear down.  The nurses hurried back in to dry me off and I waddled out of the bathroom to see a whole party of nurses and the doctor waiting for me.  They somehow got me back on the bed and my water immediately broke.  That's when things got really intense and my body just sort of took over while my mind huddled off in some remote corner.  I remember making sounds I didn't recognize as I gave in to the uncontrollable need to push.  Throughout this process the doctor (Dr. Lamoreaux) was incredible - gentle, soft-spoken, and he allowed me to deliver the baby as my body directed (sitting up) instead of forcing me into stirrups.  I felt the baby's head crown and thought, "Oh good, the end is near! That's the worst of it so it's all downhill from here."  Too bad I was wrong - Daisy has some football player shoulders that got stuck on the way out, so they ultimately had to get me on my back with my legs back in order to maneuver them out.  A few seconds later, the rest of Daisy came out and then there was this big, fat baby on my chest.  My mind still hadn't returned yet so I was having a hard time making the connection that this baby on my chest was actually the same one I had just been working so hard to push out.  Even more surprising was when the nurses took her to the nearby baby station to suction some fluid out of her stomach and do her vitals, announcing her weight and confirming to my slowly-returning mind why that hurt so much. 

Everything happened so quickly once I got out of the bath-that-never-was that it was a good long while before my mind could process and finally catch up with the events of the night.  Daisy was perfect - all chubby cheeks, rolls of fat, and dainty little hands.  She has the shriek of a banshee, waking from peaceful slumber with a shrill, angry wail that bears a remarkable resemblance to a fire truck siren and a cat in heat.  She's a sleepy baby still, but we know that won't last long.

She had some trouble latching on after the first day, rooting around and screaming in frustration before actually latching.  The nurse and I would spend a good 20 minutes trying to get her to latch on with each feeding until we decided to try putting a drop of glucose solution on the nipple.  That did the trick until my milk came in the next day.  Now she's a nursing machine!
We came home on Thursday morning and have slowly been adjusting to life with a new family member.  It's unbelievable that she's already 5 days old.  We all love her so much and are so happy to have her with us now! 
As for me, my recovery has been fantastic.  I love (as much as one can love such a thing) giving birth unmedicated for that very reason.  Most of all, I'm just glad to not be pregnant anymore, and with a rather amazing prize instead!  Happy birth day, Daisy!

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