Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekly Digest, May 24, 2015

On  Thursday Whitney gave birth to our new niece Gwen!  We're so excited to go and meet her as soon as the sickness is all gone from our family!

Last night we had our friends Joe and Celeste Butler over for dinner.  I'm kinda bummed we didn't take any pictures of the families but I did take a picture of Elinor playing with their son Johnny.  The kids all had a great time together - Elinor adored Johnny.

This week Maxine made chocolate-dipped macaroons and 1/4 pound chocolate chip mint cookies.  To say they were delicious just doesn't do them justice.

Elinor is a goon.  Or a gollum.  Isn't she precious?

Leftover chocolate icing!

Today we drove up to Alpine looking for a place to hike.  We happened upon a trail head at the bottom of the canyon behind Alpine.  This has been our favorite hike to date.  It felt like we had the entire canyon to ourselves - we only saw one other person on our way back down.  The trail branched off in many directions so we got to choose our own adventure.  And the weather was perfect - cloudy and slightly cool.  We chose to follow the sound of water and ended up by a river.  The kids were delighting in all the bits of nature to be found along the way: cicadas, snail shells galore (some occupied, some empty), moss-covered rocks and trees, giant ants...
The boys found a bunch of great rocks for their collection.
Of course, no family hike would be complete without snacks and throwing rocks in a river.  :)

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