Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekly Digest, May 17, 2015

Maxine already posted about Sammy's birthday yesterday but there are a few more pics and videos to share.

Elinor has recently discovered that she's just big enough to ride the big wheel.  It's been amusing watching Isaac and Ellie attempt to share it.  Mostly Ellie hogs it while Isaac pines for it.  :)

Maxine made Sammy this countdown calendar back in April and each night before bed he's been crossing off a day and excitedly announcing how many days were left.

Maxine's baking mania continues.  She spent most of the week tweaking a new banana bread recipe to perfection.  This one has ground up hazelnuts and chocolate chips and is absolutely by far the best banana bread any of us has ever tried.  Each time she made it the neighbors quickly bought up whatever they could.  Plus her brownies were fantastic (of course).  Three kinds of chocolate, including Callebaut and Scharffen Berger.  Insane.

Earlier this week I saw Sammy helping Maxine out in the garden.  It was a really cute moment.

Also, Sammy's eye-crossing skills continue to improve.  He's now able to cross only one eye.

With the rainy weekend Sammy didn't get a chance to try out his bike until today.  He learned to ride with a balance bike so his first time on this bike was smooth sailing.  He and Isaac spent a good hour circling the cul de sac at top speed.

Some more fun pics from Sammy's Birthday:

Here are some fun videos from this week:

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