Saturday, May 16, 2015

Samuel turns 5!

Happy birthday to my goofy, cuddly, intelligent Sammy, who five years ago came barreling into this world at break-neck speed, ready to take on life and all its challenges with an unflappable attitude and a rascally grin. His middle name is Toa, Maori for "warrior" (he was supposed to be born in New Zealand), and I can't think of a more fitting name. We love you, SimSam!
Per our tradition, Sammy decorated his chocolate cake himself: a rocket ship on top and a truck below.
He's been planning his birthday since the day after his last birthday.  No joke, I can't actually count how many times I've heard him talking about exactly what kind of presents he wanted for this birthday, what flavor cake, how it would be decorated, which activities he would do, etc. He even made sure we knew to get him three balloons so that each of his siblings could have one as well.
We started the morning with presents and doughnuts from Lehi Country Bakery (and chocolate milk to wash all that sugar down - breakfast of champions!).  He took his time opening presents because he needed to play with each item for a bit before moving on to the next one.  He really loved everything he got, which included a 14" bike, a color shifters Hotwheels playset, an r/c helicopter from Grandma Coco/Grandpa Bruce, a gem mining kit, Legos, and a hotwheels custom building set (create your own custom hotwheels car!).

Sammy is such a generous kid.  He had no problem sharing his new toys with his siblings, and they all played pretty happily together for some time on several of his presents.

After breakfast and some play time we went to Jump On It, the trampoline park that has become a birthday tradition for each kid.  They love it so much! (Collin will post pics and video of that on his weekly Sunday post.)

We followed the jumping extravaganza with a simple lunch, a boys' trip to the theater to see "Home" (a movie about an alien), Sammy's favorite dinner of banh mi from Viet Deli, and lots and lots of video games.  So, pretty much the perfect day!  He went to bed so completely satisfied tonight.  Happy birthday, dear Sammy!

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