Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekly Digest, April 5, 2015

On Tuesday Maxine took Sammy and Ellie to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country and Ellie finally rode the pony with no assistance.  

A while back I taught Sammy how to cross his eyes.  We finally got a picture of it:

For some reason the kids made American flags a few days ago.  I'm not sure why but they sure were happy to wave them proudly!  USA!  USA!!!

Passover began on Friday evening and we decided to have a Seder this year.  We invited the Menkes to come over as well, since Jake grew up celebrating Seder and we needed a "pro" to help us out.  Maxine made an incredible meal.  Braised lamb, matzoh ball soup, macaroons, and charoset.  So amazing.  The kids did okay but there are 15 stages in a seder and I think they started disappearing by around stage 10 or so.  

I woke up Saturday morning at around 5:40 to see the third total lunar eclipse in the current Tetrad.  Tetrads are fascinating - four lunar eclipses in a two-year period, with each eclipse falling on a major Jewish holiday.  Passover (and the other 2 spring feasts) symbolize Christ's First Coming.  Sukkot (and the other 2 fall feasts) symbolize Christ's Second Coming.  There are 7 major Jewish feasts, with 3 in the spring, 3 in the fall, and Pentecost falling somewhere in the middle.

Yesterday morning we had our annual cul-de-sac Easter egg hunt.

Yesterday we went to visit my Grandparents in South Jordan.  Typical of my childhood visits, my grandma put us to work on a puzzle within minutes of arriving. Maxine and I put a lot of work into it and got it almost finished.  Grandma was grateful - this puzzle has been a thorn in her side for a while.

Grandma Coco gave Ellie a new stuffed bunny.  Shortly after that Ellie went missing and I found her cuddling with it in a chair.  It was a cute moment which I promptly spoiled by taking a picture.

The other night a neighbor gave us some of her sourdough starter, and another neighbor gave us some of her kefir starter.  We've been in cultured city!!!  Maxine made some sourdough bread today that was perfect.  As in, the kind of bread you'd find at a high-class bakery in Europe or something.  SO GOOD!  She also made some challah bread to go with it for our Easter dinner at the Barringtons.

 Today the kids dyed some eggs.  The eggs were barely dry before they ate them all except that green egg.

 We had a wonderful dinner at the Barrington's with the Menkes and Grandparents Mann and Grandma Coco.  The kids had a blast, they looked for eggs, and we stuffed ourselves silly and then guiltily ate carrot cake and angel food cake.

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