Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekly Digest, April 19, 2015

So we had a pretty busy week and there are a lot of pictures to share.  Fun times!

Last Sunday night Maxine put up a Facebook page for her home-business bakery, "Maxine's Bakery".  She's already sold a bunch of baked goods and has lots of orders for more.  And I'm grateful that there'll hopefully be less goodies around the house to tempt us.

So this week the weather was really bizarre.  On Tuesday it actually rained mud!  The winds got up to 65 mph and we heard many reports of trampolines causing havoc all over Salt Lake and Utah Counties.  And then on Tuesday night it snowed.  And then on Wednesday there was an insane snowstorm that finally gave Sammy the good snowman-building snow he's been wanting for months.

For some reason Ellie was miserable out in the snow.  She's never really had a problem with it before and later in the week she was fine with it but here she is freaking out:
Maxine and Sammy's creation:  "Mr. Silly."
And of course the following day all the snow was gone:

On Wednesday night we drove down to the Marriott Center on BYU Campus for "Hope of America".  Isaac's class (and tons of other Utah County classrooms) participated in an event that included songs and dancing to celebrate American culture.

Last week Ellie was vomiting and couldn't keep much food down and this week that trend continued.  I took her to the doctor on Thursday and he said it just sounds like she's so constipated that it's just causing her to vomit.  We put her on miralax every day and she's been doing much better.  It's not the best solution but for now she's a lot happier.  But she was NOT happy to be seeing the doctor.  She cried almost the entire time we were there.

Some random pictures of the kids this week:

We've been doing homemade pizza nights on Fridays and Maxine discovered a fantastic sourdough pizza crust that's become our new go-to recipe.  So amazing.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  It's become our annual tradition and the kids sort of look forward to it every year.  But really they were just excited to feed the ducks and were a little disappointed when we finally got there to find that there were no ducks.  But there were a TON of fish.  We brought a bunch of matzo bread and the kids created a feeding frenzy dumping tons of crumbled up matzo into the water.

So our kids are TERRIBLE photo posers.  We manage to occasionally get a decent photo after about 10 or so tries.  They still rarely get the concept of "look at the camera" and even when they do they like to sabotage the picture with goofy faces or really fake smiles.  We've discovered that our best pictures are when the kids aren't posing or even know when they're getting their picture taken.  But we've decided to include this one to show what 95% of our photos look like:

A couple times a month we like to go to Harmon's and get ourselves some fun cheeses for our date-night in. We were in the mood for a cheddar and goat so we got this "Ivy's English Vintage Cheddar" and a Humboldt Fog because you can't really ever go wrong with Humboldt Fog.  And we made a nice little oil and vinegar dip with our fancy oil and vinegar that we got from O & Company.  And so this was our dinner last night.  

We like to go on Sunday wilderness hikes.  Today we intended to go to Cecret Lake up by Alta Ski resort but instead of taking "Little Cottonwood Canyon" we took "Big Cottonwood Canyon."  We got up to Brighton and realized we had gone the wrong way so we headed back down and just stopped at the first trailhead that looked interesting.  We found the trail up to "Donut Falls" and it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and we had no regrets for taking the wrong way.  We didn't make it all the way to Donut Falls - the hike got really icy after a certain distance up the trail and most people were turning back so we just found a nice little spot by a stream and had lunch and a nice little Sacrament and just enjoyed ourselves before heading back down.  The hike was about an hour and a half total including our break and we got to hike in a lot of snow which the kids all loved.  It looks really cold but it actually wasn't - our light jackets were plenty and it was one of the best hikes we've ever had.

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