Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My current obsessions

It's so nice that Collin's taken over the blog, since I was obviously doing a terrible job of it.  Our posting styles speak volumes about our general approach to life: I edit my pictures and write lengthy, detailed posts, which results in far fewer and inconsistent posts that are much more detailed.  Collin on the other hand, just throws the pictures on as they are (often taken from his phone instead of the fancy camera, which has seen far less use these days) and writes summaries of our week - but he actually gets it done.  I'm just glad he balances me out, both in this blog and in general.

But on to my random and rare contribution: my current obsessions!  Here's what's taken over the scary place that is my brain these days:

1.  The Flour, Too cookbook.  Joanne Chang, a U.S.-born Taiwanese raised in much the same manner I was.  She has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard, worked as a management consultant for two years, then decided to quit the world of finance and dive headlong into the world of pastries.  Her Boston-based bakery is wildly successful, and her two cookbooks are equally so.  I also have her first book, Flour, but I find myself going back to her second one the most, which includes both savory as well as sweet recipes.  I've made more recipes from this book than I have from any other cookbook I own and am eager to make even more.  Which leads me to my next obsession...

2. Baking!  I mean, I've always loved to bake, but this pregnancy has me baking like my life depends on it.  It's a need, a compulsion.  I blame the baby.  She wants sweets!  Cakes! Doughnuts! Muffins! Scones! Pies! Brioche! Cookies! Savories are also acceptable. Hot pockets (homemade, of course)! Focaccia! Pot pie!  If it's baked in the oven, I'm for it! I'm a little embarrassed and shocked at the obscene amount of butter I've gone through in the past few months.  Each night as Collin or I tackle the mountain of dishes I've created I swear off the baking for good, then the next morning I see a picture or read a description of something and suddenly I have to make it for myself.  Just last night I had to seriously talk myself out of running to the store to buy ingredients to make chopped liver and onions (you know, because it's Passover season and I fancy myself Jewish this week).  Never mind that I don't actually like liver and onions, but the baby might...

3. Gardening!  I know that I'll be huge and somewhat out of commission with a new baby right during the peak harvesting season, but that hasn't stopped me from going crazy over buying new seeds and planting this year's garden.  Poor Collin has to build 5 new garden boxes to accommodate my madness this year.  It'll be worth it when we're positively rolling in juicy heirloom tomatoes, peas, corn (please work this year!), delightfully sweet and crispy French breakfast radishes, more salad than Bugs Bunny can shake a carrot stick at (those too!), and perfectly ripe strawberries - just to name a few.  At least, that's the hope.  Gardening is a funny beast - the triumphant high of a successful crop and the bitter disappointment of a failed one provide me with a wacky roller coaster of food-linked emotions through the summer. 

I guess it comes as no surprise that all my obsessions are food-related.  On an unrelated note, I have no pregnancy photos to share at this moment.  ;)

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