Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Digest, March 29, 2015

This past week was pretty typical.  Most of our afternoons were spent working in the backyard getting things ready to plant.  This week our order of plants arrived - raspberries, blackberries, honeyberries, an almond tree and an apricot tree.  We had a lot of work to do and I have no pictures to show for it. 

On Friday Maxine felt like making a fancy dinner.  We had beet salad with this fancy vinaigrette along with grapes, apples, baguettes and four fun cheeses (Merlot Bellavita, Saint Angel Brie, Taleggio, and Spanish Blue).  It was great!

The other day Ellie was asking to cuddle.  Isaac was lying on the couch so I told her to go cuddle with Isaac.  For a few minutes cuteness ensued.  Then they both got tired of it.

This morning the kids spent a while playing out in the backyard.   Nothing big, just some cut pics.

Today for our Sunday nature hike we just walked the Jordan River trail starting down by Utah Lake in Saratoga Springs.  Really it was just nice having a place a few minutes away.  It turned out to be a fantastic outing - the path was perfect for biking and at the beginning of the path there is a runway dedicated to remote-controlled model airplanes.  It was amazing!

This was the plane flying when we first arrived.  It kind of blew our minds when we saw it land - that thing was huge.  

Fun video of a plane taking off from the runway.  The boys were begging us to make this our next family hobby.

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