Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Digest, March 8th, 2014

On March 3rd we found out that we're having a girl (see last post).  We have lots of name ideas but still haven't settled upon our favorite.  Before Elinor was born Isaac wanted to name her "Vanillia" so it'll be interesting to see what gems the kids come up with this time.

On March 7th Maxine and Elinor went to see "Disney on Ice."  Ellie LOVED it!!!

 After Disney on Ice we found some fruit trees at Costco - we got a cherry and an apple.  Both semi-dwarf.  Whenever there's yard work to be done the kids always beg to help out but since we only have one large shovel they had to make do with small hand shovels.  By this point the holes were done but Ellie and Isaac were having too much fun so they just kept on digging right up until the trees were planted.

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