Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Such pain, such grossness

We took a whirlwind trip to California the first weekend in February for Collin's friend Matt's wedding.  We stayed with the Van Dykes for the two nights we were in town and stopped at my family's Chinese New Year party on the way out.  Amazing how much we packed into three days and two nights!

That's the end of the good news.  As soon as we got home Sunday night I started making dinner and in the process dropped a dinner plate square on my big toe.  It was painful, to say the least, and I was out of commission for a while.  It looked like this right after the incident:
That night I couldn't sleep for the pain of it, which only seemed to get worse.  It hurt worse than labor and childbirth.  The toenail had swelled up considerably with blood, such that the nail was completely separated from the bed.  It hurt so badly that out of sheer desperation and sleep deprivation (I literally did not sleep a wink that night), at 5:00am I took a small sterilized drill bit and manually drilled a hole in my toenail.  It helped, a little.  As soon as Urgent Care was open a few hours later Collin took me there to have it properly drilled and drained (and locally numbed!).  Blissful relief!

Unfortunately, by that same evening the blood had refilled and it hurt worse than ever.

Thankfully, my friend in the neighborhood is a nurse and came to my aid at 10:00pm.  She helped me drained it with some sterile needles in her handy little nurse kit.  It took the better part of an hour to get it mostly back down.  SUCH a relief!  Thank goodness for friends willing to help me out at such an unfortunate hour!

The swelling stayed down for the most part after that until it finally healed enough for the nail to fall off and for me to walk around without a surgical boot (because shoes hurt too much to wear and flip flops were too cold to wear).  Things started looking funny, so I went to a podiatrist to have it looked at, and he ended up scraping off some of the tissue that was growing back funny so it would heal better.

And that's the end of the most disgusting and painful thing that's ever happened to me.  :)

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