Thursday, November 6, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes

Recent Sammy-isms:
"Please?  Pretty please?  So many pleases?"
"Wanna hear my new word? It's this: 'Silly monkey went to town, got a package and then went back into the town.'"
"Are you Dabe?"
"Raci (ray-sigh)"
"Inda-inda-boom" (All the gibberish words are his "new words")
"That be's like..."
* Super into Legos.  Builds his own cars and such.
* Recently got into coloring and can color fairly well within the lines.  He prolific, too.  He goes through several coloring pages in one sitting.
*Recently started drawing his own pictures.  Mostly trucks and cars, but sometimes there's a helicopter or tank involved.

Recent Ellie-isms:

Picking up something heavy: "Tough..."
When we offer help: "SELF!"  A moment later: "help?"
"Boo!  Dat... 'care you?"
"Gimme dat!" or "Gimme [item] pease!"  We're working on her manners.
In bed late one night, pronounced so clearly after a series of unsuccessful attempts (some in gibberish) to get us to come upstairs: "Daddy, I miss you!"  Collin was up there in two seconds flat.
Dump truck
* Wants to do whatever the boys are doing.  Cars, coloring, chasing ("shasing"), legos - she just wants to be one of the gang.
* Loves the first half of the movie "Frozen", randomly sings songs from it and other things (ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep, etc.).
* Loves watching Curious George with her brothers.  It's the only show they all can agree on.
* Is really into dancing like a maniac right now. 

Recent Isaac-isms:
"And guess what?" (inserted multiple times throughout each sentence)
"I don't want dinner, I want dinner" (applies to just about anything)
* So into reading right now.  Last night he read 7 chapters straight out of his Ricky Ricotta book just for fun!!
* Loves coloring, drawing, making paper airplanees, legos, and Hot Wheels.  Made all the Halloween decorations for our house this year.

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