Monday, October 6, 2014

Women's retreat

We got home from our California vacation on a Sunday and I went straight into finalizing plans for a women's retreat for my church (I was one of the organizers) that following weekend.  I'm not much for camping - I like the idea of it a lot more than I like the actual practice - but I have to say this place we went to was fantastic.  It's the Heber Valley Camp, owned and operated by our church primarily for our youth girls' summer camps.  We stayed in log cabins with bunk beds (we provided our own air mattress and bedding), had a large covered pavilion with fridges and a propane stove, and a camp fire ring with all the wood provided.  It was nice to get to know the other women better, and the scenery was breathtaking. 

There were hiking trails and wildlife everywhere.  We saw a moose cow with her calves on our way back from our sunset hike, and there were several deer around the fire pit when we woke up the following morning.
Our group had signed up for a challenge course that involved swinging from a bungeed harness.  I was having some serious anxiety as my turn came up, then as they pulled the rope to lift me way up high (think majestic pine tree high) I really started to panic! Suddenly, the words "Maxine, let go!" floated up to me from somewhere way too far below, and... I let go!  The thrill that rushed through my body as I plunged downward and then back up again was indescribable.  I was flying!  And I hadn't died!  And I was still flying!  And again!  And again!  I quickly grew comfortable enough to strike my favorite Tinkerbell pose.

Then I tried letting go with both hands...
...and instantly realized that I was indeed going to DIE if I didn't grab that rope again and fast!
Phew! That was a graceful recovery, right? That look of sheer terror and impending demise?  Totally planned that.
It was a fantastic weekend and it recharged me for weeks to come!

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