Tuesday, September 23, 2014

8 Years strong

Today is our 8th anniversary! Here's a little summary of our marriage to date:

Year 1: Hawaii, Paris, Alaska.
Year 2: Maxine quits teaching, Isaac born, move to Utah, Collin back to school.
Year 3: Move to New Zealand, Collin at Weta, upgrade to DSLR camera, South Island trip with Barringtons, move homes, scooter accident, Japan.
Year 4: Move to L.A., Collin at Disney, so much Disneyland, Vegas with Parrish sibs, Samuel born.
Year 5: Move to Burbank, Collin at Dreamworks, move to Utah (on our anniversary, even).
Year 6: Sea World, Collin surgery, Elinor born.
Year 7: More surgery for Collin, SLC staycation, become homeowners.
Year 8: Get dog, sell dog, Monster trucks, Cedar City cabin, Disneyland, chickens, gardening.

Happy 8 years, Collin! I love us!

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