Tuesday, September 23, 2014

8 Years strong

Today is our 8th anniversary! Here's a little summary of our marriage to date:

Year 1: Hawaii, Paris, Alaska.
Year 2: Maxine quits teaching, Isaac born, move to Utah, Collin back to school.
Year 3: Move to New Zealand, Collin at Weta, upgrade to DSLR camera, South Island trip with Barringtons, move homes, scooter accident, Japan.
Year 4: Move to L.A., Collin at Disney, so much Disneyland, Vegas with Parrish sibs, Samuel born.
Year 5: Move to Burbank, Collin at Dreamworks, move to Utah (on our anniversary, even).
Year 6: Sea World, Collin surgery, Elinor born.
Year 7: More surgery for Collin, SLC staycation, become homeowners.
Year 8: Get dog, sell dog, Monster trucks, Cedar City cabin, Disneyland, chickens, gardening.

Happy 8 years, Collin! I love us!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Elinor turns TWO!

September 21.  Two years ago Elinor joined our family and has been making us smile ever since.  She's a joy in our lives. So much life, so vivacious, so goofy!  We sure do love her!

Elle is obsessed with happy faces.  I blame the Costco receipt checkers who always oblige her with drawing one on her hand each week.  She woke up to this happy face balloon, which I'm pretty sure was her favorite present by a landslide.  She wouldn't let go of it for pretty much the entire day.

Our little Bean is also obsessed with fresh berries, especially strawberries, so I thought it only fitting to make her a fresh strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. 
She didn't end up liking it, but everyone else did.  She did, however, enjoy singing along with us.  In fact, I'm still not sure she knew it was her birthday we were celebrating, but she sure enjoyed saying it all day.

Here are some fun Elinor facts:
* She goes by Elinor, Elle, Bean, Beanie, Ellie Bean, and Ellie (the most commonly used).
* She loves stuffed animals.  Her crib can barely fit her for all the stuffed animals that are in there, and she can usually be found lugging one or four of them around the house with her.  When we get her out of bed she chooses a few to take with her ("Goggy [doggy] tew? Wamby [Lamby] tew?").
* She loves to talk on the phone, and can be found "calling" Daddy on Mommy's phone or the pretend phones.  "Huh-wo Daddy! Are you?"
*Elinor has more words than I can count.  She is definitely our earliest talker, spouting out 3-4-word sentences and making her thoughts Known to us all, usually quite loudly. "I DID IT!!" "COME HERE!"  "SELF!" (to indicate that she wants to do it herself)  "Mommy, WISTEN to me!!"
* Favorite foods: Anything dairy, all fruit (but not the peels, which she'll spit out), fresh garden peas (this year's harvest mostly went straight into her mouth), and of course, candy.
* Favorite show: Curious George, the first half of Frozen, and Adventure Time (sigh...). 
* Favorite songs: Baa Baa Black Sheep, I Am a Child of God, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Let It Go ("Uh Go").
* Still super shy around people, but she's getting a little more brave.  She occasionally talks in public if she doesn't think anyone is watching.
* Loves to play chase, marble run, cars with her brothers, tickle games, anything outside, and read books.
* Firmly believes that any injury can be healed with a kiss better.  Or a bandaid.
* Stickers are her friends and she will keep them on her hands for hours at a time without getting annoyed at the feeling.
* Has a *special* way of getting your attention by grabbing your arm or sleeve and yanking down as hard as she can.  It's very off-putting when you're writing something or wearing something that stretches.
* Gets insanely jealous when anyone else sits on Mommy's lap, even her brothers.  She comes a-runnin' and demands to "sit in wap!" and pushes her way on until she reclaims her territory.
* Elinor is always game to try anything her brothers are doing.  She's eager to be a part of the family and do all the big kid things, and she can, for the most part, keep up with everyone.
*Commonly mispronounced words of cuteness: "granana" for banana, f**k for truck (hearing her say 'dumptruck' is a treat!),
*Her hair recently (finally) grew in.
* She can count to four
* She still sucks on her tag book at night and can't sleep without it. It's her pacifier.

Happy birthday, dear wacky Elinor!  We're so glad you are in our family!!