Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Updates on the offspring

* Really into creating things.  Most recent creations include books (titled "The Gingerbread Robot" and "Car") and surprise cards for Mommy.  Puts me in a great mood every time!
* Getting much better at reading.  Starting to realize he can read things spontaneously, like traffic signs and books.
*  Is really good about eating his dinners.  This may not sound like a big deal, but we're talking about the same kid who used to dry heave when we'd try to get him to eat a tiny bite of mushroom or zucchini or other food he didn't like.  Now if it's something he doesn't like, he politely choke it down without any drama.
* Loves school!  Comes home singing songs he learns there and practicing counting to 100.  A lot.
*  Favorite shows: The Magic School Bus, Phineas and Ferb, Chuck and Friends.
* Favorite food: "Cake!  Muffins!  Pizza!  Cookies!  Chocolate chips!  Joe-Joe's (Trader Joe's version of Oreos)!"  Glad to know he likes eating healthy.  :)
* Learning to ride a bike.  He has the going part down, but the stopping part still intimidates him.
* One day a few months ago (yeah, it's been a while) he randomly told me, "Mommy, I hate gravity!"
* He's our sweet kid, the thoughtful one who helps out with or without being asked.  He takes care of his younger siblings and offers to take the puppy out to pee.  Thank goodness for responsible oldest children!


* He's the family clown.  If he can make a joke about it, he will.  If he can do something to make you laugh, he will.  Most everything he says devolves into potty humor pretty quickly.

* He's an unflappable little rapscallion!  No amount of yelling at or disciplining will bring his spirits down.  His retort of choice when asked to do something is, "I won't!" (spoken rascal-ishly with a smile), or if told not to do something, "I will!"  When he sees Isaac having a fit he purposely stands right next to him, grinning devilishly, just to bug him.  It works.
* LOVES to color!  The coloring bug has bitten him hard - he spends hours coloring, then insists on hanging his creations on his bed or the fridge.  We're running out of room!
* Still in diapers.  We tried to potty train him and lasted less than a week (see this post).  It's to do with his pooing issues, and I don't have the wherewithal to deal with it right now.  Isaac went through the same thing, and it took over a year to be done with it.  This time around, I'm just going to call the extra cost of diapers for that year an investment in my sanity.  He'll get it by the time he's 18, I'm sure.
* "Scary face!"

* Loves doing puzzles!  He can put together a 60-piece jigsaw puzzle with minimal assistance (as in, we help him find about 5 pieces).
* Still loves cars.  Not sure if he'll ever not love cars.  If he's not coloring or doing puzzles, he's playing with cars - making monster truck courses, having races and demolition derbies, or just holding and examining them.  He has a hoard of Hot Wheels in bed with him each night and he insists on tucking them in with his own blanket.
* Has a fantastic little lisp.

* Has a promising future working in the Ministry of Silly Walks.

* Loves to play with her brothers.  Since her brothers mostly play with cars, she loves to play with cars too.  She'll take one and start rolling it back and forth, pursing her lips and making a "vvvvvvvooooooo" sound. 
* Loves to lounge around.  If there's something soft nearby, she'll go, "Ohhhhhhhh" and fall into it.
* Is an avid reader, sometimes while doing stretches.  (But seriously, she loves to look at books!)

* Is NO pushover.  She doesn't take any guff from her big brothers.  In fact, it's usually her that does the beating up.

And yet she shows no remorse...
* First word: "This," spoken with all the imperiousness of a young lady.  Other words include "nana" (banana, one of her favorite foods), "IIIIII-yick!" ('Isaac', also possibly doubles for 'all done'), "uh-oh", and "tum" (some). 
* Claps any time she hears anyone cheer.
* She still doesn't really like other people, but she's starting to tolerate them more.  The other day I was able to leave her with a neighbor for nearly an hour without too much crying!
* She's taking this walking thing very slowly.  She's been taking a few steps here and there for about a month now, but she still prefers crawling and holding on to things. 

And there you have it.  An exhaustive update on the goings-on of our children!

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  1. OH, I love this post!! Why is it that OTHER people's mischievous children are always the best/most hilarious? I love those Sammy stories, I love Fred & George Weasley, etc. etc. But of course it drives me insane if MY child is being mischievous. I just want him to be like Isaac!

    Don't know if it helps at all, but when Nat was potty training, poop was trickier, too. Then we started letting him watch a little Mickey youtube clip after each success and BOOM! He was golden in about 2 days.

    Very impressed with the jigsaw puzzling. And Ellie's reading/talking. Kina has a few words, but mostly revolving around mama and dada. And I can still rarely get that girl to sit through books, which frustrates me greatly... I know you shouldn't compare, but nat was reading for ages at this point. Gah!

    (Also, their little tight-fit jammies!)