Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime (summertiiiii-ii-iiiiiime!)

Anyone know that song? Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller?  Right then. Let's get started.

Summer kicked off with a roar at the Eagle Mountain Demolition Derby.  This was our second year going, and I'm pretty sure it'll have to be a tradition for as long as we live here.  So. Much. Fun. Sadly, Elle didn't have such a great night, being left at home with a sitter and crying nearly the entire time. Next year she'll get to come with us.

This awesome new backyard of ours is pretty conducive to parties of the Independence Day variety. We had the siblings and our friends the Melvilles over for a backyard BBQ and water play extravaganza.  Unfortunately, our water pressure was a bit too wimpy to allow full use of the giant slip 'n' slide we rigged up. Lame.  Also, I didn't take any pictures of most of the party.  Double lame.  But I did make these patriotic little Jello things:

And when it get dark, the real fun began. First, fun with sparklers.

Then with fireworks all across the valley.  Yeah, this view rocks.

July was the month of thunderstorms. We had a few weeks with several intensely awesome thunderstorms, which everyone enjoyed.  And after the storm comes the rainbow.  Two, in this case!  (Have I mentioned how much I love this view?)

We signed Isaac up for T-ball this summer.  He had a blast doing it, even if he (and the rest of his teammates) were a bit spacey and spazzy during games.  Our favorite was when he was playing baseman and would start running the bases with the opposing team when he saw them coming.  Classic Isaac. 

Sammy and Elinor came along for the games and had a decent time, though one generally had a more decent time than the other.  Sammy also discovered a new talent: Stuffing his whole fist in his mouth.  It's a constant thing now and it drives me crazy.

I'm pretty sure Sammy's just hugging Elle here, even if it looks like he's squeezing the tongue out of her. Ah, sibling affection.

Other than that, we've been working hard on getting our yard and our ever-dying grass up to snuff.  The boys had a blast helping out with some watering, though mostly they ended up watering themselves more than the plants. 

Next to come: a post about the new house! 

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