Monday, August 26, 2013

Someone started kindergarten...

It's Isaac!

He's been mostly neutral about the idea of kindergarten, treating it as an inevitability and not necessarily something to look forward to nor dread.  He tried melting into my legs on Back to School Night when we met his teacher, and he mostly changed the subject when I would talk about it, but at least he liked the school uniforms (it's a charter school).

And then it was time for the first day.  Not surprisingly, he loved it!  He picked a seat, sat right down, and started coloring while his clingy mother hung around and took some more pictures and clucked about, triple-checking if he was comfortable and okay with me leaving. Yeah, he was fine.  So we left, and that was that.

On the way home Sammy asked, "Mommy, when is we going to pick up Isaac?"  We were both a little lost when we got home, but we'll both adapt soon.  This past Friday, after his third day of school, Isaac was randomly running by when he suddenly stopped and said, "I tell you what, Mommy - I sure love kindergarten!" And then he resumed running.

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