Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sammy's birthday pt. 2

Hey, we bought a house!  And that's what I've been not blogging about these past two months!  I don't even have pictures of the house yet!  We've been so busy painting and working on the yard that not much else has happened. I can promise a new house post soon, though. In the meantime, I have a few catch-up posts to tide us all over.

Our darling Samuel, who as a general rule does not like other people, requested that his birthday party be immediate family only.  He was in heaven when he awoke to birthday balloons (one in the shape of a car tire) tied to his chair and a stack of birthday cake pancakes on his plate.  The icing and sprinkles really did it for him, and any chance to blow out birthday candles is always a bonus.

Now that's one happy birthday boy!

We grilled Sammy on what he wanted for his birthday for weeks beforehand, and his answer was always the same: He wanted a car/truck/giant truck.  Boy does this kid love his cars. 
Naturally, he had to test out each present before moving on to the next.

The rest of his day was filled with more new toy testing, an all-out trampoline jumping extravaganza at Jump On It, and dinner at "Sweet Peatatoes" (aka: Sweet Tomatoes or Souplantation). 
Then it was home for some cake.  He requested a "Lightning deQueen" and Mater cake, and this was as creative as I could manage this year.

 He was satisfied. 

Happy birthday, my darling Sammy!


  1. Happy birthday, Sammy! Nat keeps requesting to look at the cake. I think those two will be fast friends.

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