Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our house, in the middle of the street

I'm going to start a trend wherein all my posts are titled with random songs.  You're welcome.

So we bought a house... nearly three months ago!  We closed on the 10th(ish) of June and spent the remainder of that month painting the walls and kitchen cabinets before moving in at the beginning of July.  So without further ado, I present to you our house (which, incidentally, is actually at the end of a cul-de-sac):
Entering from the (red!) front door, you walk right into the living room with the dining area just beyond. 
The walls are still pretty naked - any suggestions on what to put up?
Then there's the kitchen. 
Turns out kitchen cabinets are a bear to repaint. I do love the end result though.  I've always wanted white cabinets, and I love the way this particular shade looks with the gray walls - not too yellow, but just warm enough.  We changed out some of the hardware to include cup pulls for the drawers, and I love them more than is probably reasonable. We'll eventually get wood countertops, Collin will eventually build me a proper island to replace the makeshift table standing in for an island, and I might even be able to convince him to put up some subway tile backsplash for me one day if I'm really nice to him. 
There's a wide hallway leading from the kitchen to the garage with a giant world map on one wall.  I love this wall.  We lean against the opposite side and solve the world's problems staring at this map at night.
From the living room, there's a narrower hallway connecting the kitchen hallway and the bathroom/laundry room/future mudroom.  The boys quickly discovered that this circuitous layout makes for great stroller races.
The basement is where the kids spend most of their time, since that's where their toys are. It's also our TV room.  I didn't want anyone to feel bad about how clean my house looks, so I left the basement rooms in "real" condition for your viewing pleasure.  You're welcome.
My favorite part?  We have a cold storage room! (So what if it's not exactly organized yet?)
Collin's office/the guest room/my craft room is also in the basement.  We try to keep things multipurpose over here.  There's also an unfinished bathroom that's currently serving as a storage room.
Going upstairs, the master bedroom is at the top of the stairs.  The previous owners had a bright orange accent wall but were kind enough to leave some spare paint in the main color, a nice soft gray.  I love the huge walk-in closet and the jetted tub.  One day we hope to shrink the closet a bit, extending the bathroom enough to install a dual vanity.  Because I'm a sink hog.  And hey, did I mention that Collin built that bed for me?  Yeah, he's awesome.

Then there's Elinor's room.  The lovely wood trim was already up when we bought the house, but the walls were a loud mix of white and bubblegum pink horizontal stripes on the top and bright yellow on the bottom - more suited to an older girl.  I'm much happier with this muted color palette.

The boys' room turned out much brighter than I'd expected when I picked out the blue paint. They love it though, so I guess that's all that matters.  They LOVE their new bunk bed, too!
The kids' bathroom needs a bit of livening up - I'm thinking a cheery-but-understated yellow - but we probably won't get to that for a long while.
Not to be outdone, the backyard is just our favorite place to be.  We love the view of the mountains, the lake, the foothills, and the cities below, and the kids love the play structure. Isaac recently taught himself how to swing, and now he can easily spend half the day out there swinging.  The only drawback to having such a large yard is all the work that goes into maintaining it.  We have Plans for fixing it up, starting with fruit trees, a vegetable garden space, and a chicken coop!

And there you have it: a long overdue and ridiculously in-depth tour of our new house!


  1. Maxine! You crack me up to the nth degree. Absolutely love your house! Beautiful. That backyard is spectacular as is your view! You will have to email me your new address. :) We have cousins that just bought in South Jordan with a very similar (gorgeous) view. Congrats!!! XO

  2. This post kills me! I'm so jealous!!! It's awesome!!

    1. Hey, after 7 married years of living in mostly crappy apartments, I'm not gonna feel bad about getting this awesome place! (I know you're not trying to make me feel bad, and I definitely don't feel like we deserve it.) :) I know, you should come to Utah!! We got this house on the USDA Rural Loan, which means no down payment (the PMI somehow worked out to be less than that of a conventional loan with 3% down - score!) Just saying...

    2. I'm just teasing you! I'm very happy for you! We got our house with 0 down through a teacher program. So nice! The part I'm most jealous of is that you're in Utah and have those killer mountains! I miss the mountains more than I miss my family! :) - At the same time, it's hard to pull off moving back... we're making a net income here that is more than the GROSS of UT teachers. So sad. Plus my education is cheaper here... and so on.

  3. Max! Congrats on the house! I love being a homeowner too =) but being able to share it with a family has got to be even better! E-mail me your new address to because the wedding's in May and I would hate for you and Collin not to receive and invitation because I sent it to your old Lehi address.

    Also, suggestion for the living room area... I like big things on big walls. Looks like you guys have a lot of wood stuff going on around the house so maybe a 3D wooden wall sculpture would be good! Or a broken up type of 3D wooden wall sculpture that makes one big picture would look awesome. check out google for some at

    Actually, now that I'm looking at them on google and knowing that Collin made the bed frame, maybe he can make something, paint it, and slap it on the wall haha. Have fun with the house and congrats again!