Sunday, April 28, 2013

Goons! and other assorted thoughts

I present to you Isaac and Sammy, the two silliest goons that ever lived:
Sammy the Monkey strikes again!  This time, on his all-too-willing older brother.
I love the expression on Sammy's face: "Just give in to the embrace..."
Sometimes you just have to give a big flourish.

Sometimes you just have to fall asleep mid-flourish.  Being a Monkey is tiring business, after all.

And sometimes, you just have to be sweet.

Speaking of sweet, I finally caught a bit of Elinor's crinkle smile on camera.

Like the Star Wars themed outfit?  The cuteness is strong with this one!

And this one!

Aaaand this one!  (He was very proud of his caterpillar project.)

In other news, Elinor is 7 months old now... and she's starting to crawl.  Sitting?  Not so much.  But she can get from Point A to Point B like a crazed zombie caterpillar - partly scrunching up on all fours then launching herself and partly lunging like she's hungry for brains.  It's... cute?  Yes.  It's cute. 

I've decided to start making all our bread.  We just bought a fancy grain mill to use on our food storage wheat, and I figure it's time to start using it.  I'm pretty good at making bread now, but I've always shied away from making our everyday sandwich bread because I hadn't found a good enough whole wheat bread recipe.  Well, my friends, the search has ended! I'll give it a go and post the recipe if it pans out.

Where did April go?  How did we get to the end of it so soon?  Oh right, we were all sick through most of it.  Blerg. Well, happy to be on the other side of it now. 

We bought some plants for our potted garden a few weeks ago when the weather was nice. Two days later, the weather decided to punish my optimism with several hard frosts. And snow.  The more delicate plants - the basil and tomato - didn't survive, but the rosemary and thyme did, and even my mint rallied after I removed a few frostbitten leaves.  Here's to hoping the weather does as it should from here on out, because I'm anxious to fill in those sad bare spots with new plants.

Buying a house is tough business in this just-recovering market when you're dependent on a loan.  We've been looking, and it's been a very *educational* experience.  We had one offer accepted and then fall through because the house appraised way lower than the offer amount and we couldn't/wouldn't pay cash to make up the difference.  Apparently, many homes in the area are still appraising low, even though demand (and accordingly, asking prices) is increasing.  We're on our second accepted offer now, and we're hoping this appraisal (scheduled for tomorrow) comes back more favorable now that several other properties in the area have sold at above the appraisal value.  No wonder one feels more grown up when one buys a house - there's so much to learn about the whole process! I'm throwing out terms like "underwriting" and "comps" and "seller disclosure" like it's nobody's business - no, not even yours. 

And that's about it.  Wait -

NOW that's it.

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