Friday, February 22, 2013

Random goodness

All has been repaired with Isaac since That Day (not that I was worried it wouldn't be, it just sucked to hear) and we are all thick as thieves once more!

In other news, we've been sleep training Elinor this past week.  It's been awful.  We didn't want to do the full cry-it-out thing, so we tried a more graduated approach.  I only nursed her once for the first few nights (she's used to nursing 3 times at night), then Collin took over, holding and rocking her when she would wake up.  She'd be awake and hollering at us from 10:30-1:00AM one night, then 4:00-5:00AM another, alternating this pattern until she finally slept through the night last night!  It was magical!  Miraculous!  Amazing!  I still can't believe it!  And while I'm not necessarily counting on it tonight, I was definitely grateful for last night.

Did you know that kindergarten registration begins in early February?  I didn't.  I mean, that's pretty early, isn't it?  Has it always been this early?   And since when did you need perfect teeth in order to go to public school?  Times have changed, man!

Here's Sammy lovin' up on his baby sister.  She's very tolerant of his shows of affection.  (Does jumping over her like she's a hurdle count as a show of affection?  Sigh...)
Of course she returns his affections, so it's all good.
I won a giveaway for the first time in my life last week!  Hooray!  My friend Preethi has a cute style blog and I managed to snag myself a win from this Etsy shop full of cute crocheted baby things.  Here's what I chose; I couldn't be more pleased with how darling it is!

It may or may not be a titch too big on her still...

But big or small, this baby was meant for hats!

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