Monday, February 11, 2013

It all started with a tablecloth

Valentine's Day fever has hit the Parrish household!  I was at Target getting non-Valentines-y things when I noticed this $5 Valentine's vinyl tablecloth.  "Five dollars?" I said, "I can swing that."  And then there was the $2 heart-shaped bowl that was begging to have candy inside of it.  It was all sort of downhill from there.

I got crafty for a rare moment and made tissue paper pom poms and felt heart garlands to hang around the house.  It's colorful and festive and has bolstered my mid-winter mood splendidly.  The boys have been churning out valentines like crazy, and I'm planning a fun fondue dinner party for the big day!  What's not to love about a holiday about love?  No heart-shaped boxes of chocolate needed here!

In related news, I've made macarons twice in the past week.  The shells keep coming out hollow and I need to figure out why!  At least they still taste good.  Don't they look like a very Valentines-y treat? 
Happy Valentine's Day!  Now go kiss someone you love!

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