Friday, February 22, 2013

Random goodness

All has been repaired with Isaac since That Day (not that I was worried it wouldn't be, it just sucked to hear) and we are all thick as thieves once more!

In other news, we've been sleep training Elinor this past week.  It's been awful.  We didn't want to do the full cry-it-out thing, so we tried a more graduated approach.  I only nursed her once for the first few nights (she's used to nursing 3 times at night), then Collin took over, holding and rocking her when she would wake up.  She'd be awake and hollering at us from 10:30-1:00AM one night, then 4:00-5:00AM another, alternating this pattern until she finally slept through the night last night!  It was magical!  Miraculous!  Amazing!  I still can't believe it!  And while I'm not necessarily counting on it tonight, I was definitely grateful for last night.

Did you know that kindergarten registration begins in early February?  I didn't.  I mean, that's pretty early, isn't it?  Has it always been this early?   And since when did you need perfect teeth in order to go to public school?  Times have changed, man!

Here's Sammy lovin' up on his baby sister.  She's very tolerant of his shows of affection.  (Does jumping over her like she's a hurdle count as a show of affection?  Sigh...)
Of course she returns his affections, so it's all good.
I won a giveaway for the first time in my life last week!  Hooray!  My friend Preethi has a cute style blog and I managed to snag myself a win from this Etsy shop full of cute crocheted baby things.  Here's what I chose; I couldn't be more pleased with how darling it is!

It may or may not be a titch too big on her still...

But big or small, this baby was meant for hats!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love and hate

Isaac said he hated me today for the first time ever.  He was tired from not getting much sleep the night before and frustrated and having a tantrum over something.  I was nursing a sleeping Elinor in bed at the time and so told him to go take a nap or at least calm down in his own room.  As he went, he stopped and turned around at the doorway and said to me through controlled sobs the very worst thing a mother can hear from her child: "I hate you."

In that moment, my heart seemed to stop beating, my brain gone numb.  I felt winded, like someone had just punched me in the gut.  I couldn't think what to reply, what to say to my sweet child who very clearly knew what he was saying even if he didn't understand the full meaning of it.  So I said nothing.  He continued on to his room and calmed down, ultimately falling asleep as I knew he would. 

Isaac didn't know how better to express his extreme anger with me for putting him on time-out (even if it wasn't a formal time-out, he viewed it as such).  He has overheard us using the word every now and then in jest or in frustration, but he never observed that the word was only ever directed to situations or things and not people.  How could he?  The fault is ours for taking such a harsh word and making it common.  Yes, I'm sure he has heard it from other sources as well, but I won't be passing the buck on this one.

As for what I said to Isaac when I finally recovered from the sting of shock, I went into his room before he fell asleep and told him what a harsh word that was, but that no matter what he ever said or did to me I would always love him.  Such is a mother's burden and privilege: to love her children unconditionally, no matter how much they're hurting inside.  And it still does.  But I still do.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Busy being busy

Collin's surgery went well.  Ridiculously well.  As well as that kind of surgery could possibly go.  Three hours instead of 5-6, no grafting of cheeks, smooth (if painful) recovery.  We are thankful.  Three weeks later, his catheter has been removed and he's healing like a champ.  His esophagus and heartburn are another story.  Here he is post-op and feeling loopy:

Elinor is still in the 75th percentile for height (50th for weight).  We're still not sure how this is possible.  (Also, note how much she's changed in the past month: this pic is from this week.)

She coos and laughs for everyone, but she makes The Saddest Face in the World if someone else is holding her and she sees me walk away.  Guess she's a mama's girl.

She sucks on everything but a pacifier, my finger being her chew toy of choice.  If I pull my finger out of her mouth, she protests violently and shrilly until I put it back. 

She still thinks baths and getting dressed are funny.  (And this pic is from last month!)

She was sick with croup for a week and hasn't slept the same since.  We're hoping it'll go back to normal soon (or better yet, through the night!). 

Elinor is a lovely name, and we use it often.  Sometimes we shorten it to Elle or Ellie.  Sometimes it's Baltimore (from the old "apple core" joke), Smellinor (when she poos), or Elisnore (when she's sleeping, and she really does snore, though it sounds more like rhythmic sighing).  Yes, we chose a good name.

Sammy has become the main affection-giving brother.  He's a bit more... enthusiastic with his attentions, but his intentions are sweet.

He is Isaac's little shadow and does whatever his big brother is doing, though he's perfectly happy to make up his own games too.  As a result, he's counting to 20 (with some mistakes) and pretend-reading.  He's also super into grocery shopping, both real and pretend.  He made his own version of Costco using couch cushions the other morning and was rather pleased with it.  He's always carrying stuff (mostly cars and large wooden beads, which he calls "cookies") around in little bags, too. Here he is "cooking" his beads instead of stringing them, because that was so 5 minutes ago.

Isaac has discovered the joy of storytelling, or rather, the joy of being told stories.  He prefers that to books at bedtime, and always comes up with the most *creative* topics for us.  "I want a SILLY story about a ball!"  "I want a very silly, SILLY story about a dinosaur who wants to become a toy!"  "How about a house that can drive?"

Isaac is reading and writing more and more.  He's starting to write out words on his own by sounding them out. This morning he wrote GRMA CO (Grandma Coco) on his own, which is pretty decent for a 5-year old trying to figure things out by himself. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

It all started with a tablecloth

Valentine's Day fever has hit the Parrish household!  I was at Target getting non-Valentines-y things when I noticed this $5 Valentine's vinyl tablecloth.  "Five dollars?" I said, "I can swing that."  And then there was the $2 heart-shaped bowl that was begging to have candy inside of it.  It was all sort of downhill from there.

I got crafty for a rare moment and made tissue paper pom poms and felt heart garlands to hang around the house.  It's colorful and festive and has bolstered my mid-winter mood splendidly.  The boys have been churning out valentines like crazy, and I'm planning a fun fondue dinner party for the big day!  What's not to love about a holiday about love?  No heart-shaped boxes of chocolate needed here!

In related news, I've made macarons twice in the past week.  The shells keep coming out hollow and I need to figure out why!  At least they still taste good.  Don't they look like a very Valentines-y treat? 
Happy Valentine's Day!  Now go kiss someone you love!