Sunday, December 2, 2012

TJ's comes to Utah!

Trader Joe's.  It's the place to shop for delightfully unique treats and snacks, tasty all-natural convenience meals, and low-priced organic products.  It's the hipster's mecca, the only grocery store I know to have as devoted a cult following as Apple.  Naturally, we had to go yesterday.  On opening weekend.  With all three kids.

Not the best idea we've ever had.  See those crowds?  I'm sure there was some sort of fire code being broken.  An employee informed us that it was the biggest (read: most crowded) grand opening of any Trader Joe's store to date.  We couldn't move freely anywhere in the store.  Walking down each aisle was like standing in line for a brand new Disneyland attraction.  And all the empty shelves gave me a glimpse of what the End of Days will be like.

Still, there was something comforting about being back in my favorite grocery store.  And there was enough food left on the shelves for me to leave my wallet a fair amount lighter (this week's meals are going to be AWESOME!).

Poor Collin had a less than euphoric experience, having charge of the boys and a shopping cart.  He ended up parking himself in the least crowded part of the store (the banana stand, if you're wondering) and playing Star Wars Angry Birds with the boys while I ran shuffled slowly back and forth with a more portable basket.

We will definitely be going back, and often!  But we'll probably wait a while for the mania to die down.  Welcome to Utah, Trader Joe's!  I hope you bring another store closer to us very soon!

(Note: None of these images are mine.  I got them off the interwebs, but they are for the SLC location and that's what it looked like when we went.  Whee!)


  1. Gah!! YAY! What all did you get??

    1. Oh boy, what DIDN'T I get?? They sold out of all their Joe-Joe's and basically every other trademark treat or snack within a few hours of opening (and the freezer was COMPLETELY bare!), so there was no hope of that for us. I mostly got regular groceries - arugula, butternut squash, pecans, chicken apple sausage, chianti salami, cottage cheese, pita and hummus, roquefort, bran flakes (the boys love 'em!), etc. Pretty boring, but it still gave me a TJ's buzz, feeling like I was just getting the weekly essentials at my neighborhood store (never mind that we drove 35 minutes to get there).