Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Anecdotes and updates

Isaac is quite the burgeoning photographer.  We gave him an old camera of ours and he just loves taking pictures and videos of just about anything (we have several choice shots of the floor and the table). 

The boys' favorite game to play with us is hide and seek.  We play it just about daily, and it never seems to get old.  As you can see they're very good hiders.

A few months ago, Sammy had a week of very unfortunate head injuries.  The boys just kept knocking his head into things!  First he fell on the tile floor, then he misjudged the distance between the door frame and his head as he was running back to his bed from our room in the middle of the night, then it was falling on his bookcase.  He looked fairly a mess by the end of the week.  We call this his Rocky Balboa picture.

Collin makes dinner every Sunday.  He usually keeps it simple, but he's tackled a few fancy feasts lately:

Isaac is still the sweetest boy ever.  He's going through a rough patch in behavior right now - lots of epic, nigh unto psychotic tantrums lately - but his general demeanor mostly angelic.  He loves making things out of paper and cardboard and will put together the most creative things humankind has ever seen.  He's super into robots right now.  He likes stories better than books lately, which is really stretching my own imagination.  I recently taught him how to peel a potato and now he wants to peel everything he sees, including a graham cracker the while I was distracted with other things.  FYI: Graham crackers make a terrible mess when peeled.  He also fell asleep like this one night.  Kids are funny.

Samuel adores his baby sister, and by "adores" I usually mean "mauls."  Still, gotta promote the sibling love, right?

Elinor is just the sweetest little thing. She smiles at you all the time, giggles and coos, and is just a little cuddle bug.  She just went 2 weeks without pooing.  It was epic when she finally did.  She's sleeping on average 6 hours for her first stretch and has given me a few 8-hour nights.  Her recent well baby doctor's visit showed that she is in the 50th percentile for weight and head size (our kids usually have huge heads, so this is awesome), and 75th percentile for height.  75%!!  That's definitely a first for this family.  She might end up dwarfing us all when she's older! 

Isaac is super into Angry Birds Star Wars (two of his favorite things combine!) and loves watching Collin play.  He even celebrates a little when he clears a level.

Early last month I made the boys a simple little robot suit out of boxes.  It's been played with nearly every day since.  Songs and dances have been sung in its honor.  Seriously, best free toy ever!  And they had a blast painting it.

Sammy continues to be the family clown.  The boys seriously knows how to make you laugh.  He also knows how to drive you crazy, and he's mighty good at it.  Most days I can't decide if I'd rather hug him or throw him out the window.  We've taken to putting a leash on him everywhere we go because he keeps gleefully bolting into parking lots and large crowds without looking back.  My favorite frequently used phrase of his is, (said breathlessly) "Mommy, I wish-ah-tuh... go, go, go."  He says all kinds of grown up things, which of course sound so adorably out of place coming from such a little guy.  And his stunted way of saying things ("Hey!... That's... my four-...wheeler!") is beyond cute.  I love this kid!
I'm so grateful for all my kids.  They are such a light in my life, and I thank God for every day I have with them.  They test me and stretch me, often beyond my own limits, but I love how much I learn and grow from them in the end.  Each is so very unique and I love them for their different strengths and weaknesses. 

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