Sunday, November 18, 2012

Isaac turns five, Star Wars style!

Today is Isaac's 5th birthday.  Can you believe it?  He's been hanging around us for five whole years now!  In that time, he has taught us more patience, long-suffering, fun, and love than we knew could possibly exist before we knew him.  I'm so grateful for his sweet and gentle temperament, his unconditional love for all his family, and his burgeoning wacky sense of humor.  He is the best big brother any sibling could hope for, and I'm just tickled pink at his boundless imagination and creativity.  Happy birthday, dear boy!

And now to the fun stuff!  Isaac requested a Star Wars themed party this year - the first time he's actually asked for a party with friends.  I turned to the interwebs for some inspiration, and boy did I get some!  I was already in a party planning mood, so things quickly started getting out of hand.  In the end, I'm very pleased with the way things turned out.  More importantly, Isaac and his guests had a blast!

The Invitations
I did these in Photoshop and am rather proud of myself for figuring most of it out (with minimal help from Collin).  Had them printed as photos at Costco for just a few cents each - awesome!

The Fashion
I made the kids each a Star Wars themed t-shirt for the occasion using freezer paper stencils.  It was my first time doing it, and I was rather pleased with the results (though the Princess Leia one was by far the best).

The Games
We started the young padawans with some Force training by playing Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda blindfolded (get it?  They had to use the Force to feel where his lightsaber should go.). 
Once they had a firm grasp of the Force, each kid was given a lightsaber made from a foam pool noodle cut in half and decorated with duct and electrical tape.  We practiced a few sweet moves...
...and then Darth Vader arrived (to the sound of the Imperial March, nonetheless!) and their skills were put to the test. 

Clearly, they won. 

As Vader called out his final defeat, he produced a mysterious clue directing the kids to locate the Death Star in order to destroy it.  We went on a wild hunt throughout the house, finding clues that led to other clues until we finally discovered the secret location of the Death Star - inside the dryer!

Now it was time to destroy the Death Star.  It started with some orderly hits with their lightsabers and quickly devolved to this primal show of good triumphing over evil.

After several good whacks with a proper stick, the Death Star was destroyed, revealing some rather tasty rewards.  Now it was time for the celebration feast!

The Food

Most of the fun of a Star Wars party (for me, anyway) lies in the food puns.  And while the kids didn't necessarily appreciate my refined sense of humor, they enjoyed the food. Our menu:
Pizza the Hutt
Han Solo frozen in "carbonite" Jello (the kids really got a kick out of "rescuing" him!)
Pretzel lightsabers (pretzel sticks dipped in tinted white chocolate)

Wookie Cookies - they're extra Chewie!  (Ja!)
Yoda Soda (Sprite and lime sherbet)

Bantha milk (Milk tinted blue. They were pretty jazzed about this until they tried it, then they were unimpressed.  I should've added a hint of honey or sugar to it.)
Cupcakes with homemade marshmallow fondant cupcake toppers (I used the Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma)

The table was decorated simply with black plastic tablecloth, silver paper plates and cocktail napkins, black paper cups with shiny star stickers, and a lime green spoon (to match the yoda soda).  There were silver star confetti strewn down the center of the table and alternating silver and clear helium balloons tied to each chair. 

I probably won't be going so overboard on future kid parties, but it was really fun to do it just this once. Happy birthday, dear Isaac, and may the Force be with you!

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