Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Isaac at gymnastics

We recently enrolled Isaac in a gymnastics class once a week in lieu of preschool.  We figured he would love gymnastics over going to a class where he does the same worksheets he has at home. After he adamantly informed us the first two times that he did NOT want to do gymnastics, and after he sat stubbornly on the sidelines during the first two classes, our predictions proved correct: He LOVES gymnastics!  Now he gets excited to go each week, he volunteers to be the first to try each new obstacle course, and he talks about all his fancy gymnast's moves at home.  We've been very impressed with the program he's in (Aret√© Gymnastics), and his teacher is fantastic.  Here's a clip of one of his first times participating (gotta love those pencil arms!):

His favorite thing to do so far?  The bars!  With lots of spotting, of course.

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