Friday, September 14, 2012


Collin has had a very medical month.  A few weeks ago he went in for an endoscopy to check his hiatal hernia.  The results showed no hernia (hooray!), but a rather gnarly case of acid reflux (boo!).  He was prescribed antacids for basically the rest of his life.  Unfortunately, he was unable to take them for very long before more fun medical stuff hit.  He has a minor surgery scheduled for next Wednesday to fix a stricture in his urinary tract (i.e., blockage from scar tissue, supposedly from years of bike riding in his youth).  This past week has been extremely difficult for him, but he's borne it like a champ.  Here's a picture of him from this Wednesday before the procedure to determine what was wrong with him (it was done in the OR, hence the cap and gown):
This is Collin's birthday cake.  He requested a blueberry and lemon cake, so I made a lemon cake with fresh blueberries in the batter, filled it with blueberry curd, and frosted with a zippy lemon Swiss meringue buttercream.  Yeah, it was good.

Maxine is 38 weeks pregnant!  I'm uncomfortable, unwieldy, and in a constant state of aching, but I'm otherwise doing fine.  I vacillate between hoping this baby stays put until after Collin's surgery (which will happen when I turn 39 weeks) and recovery, and just wanting this kid out at all costs (which would include not being waited on hand and foot by my husband).  In the end, I guess the former option is the better one, so you keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep my legs crossed!
I've also recently discovered pumpkin doughnuts, and they have not only rocked my world but they've caused me to gain 4 pounds in one week.  And I don't regret a single calorie!

Isaac is (still) learning to poo on his own.  We are currently working on Phase 4 of potty training, wherein Isaac now has the responsibility of choosing when to go to the toilet (we used to tell him when to go poo each day and he did that just fine).  Accidents earn him extreme punishments and successes earn him extreme rewards.  It's been a week of this and he's gotten a few punishments to start with, but he's had two successes in a row.  Here's to hoping this works!
Isaac is really getting into his pretend play.  He makes up elaborate stories and songs to go with the elaborate monster truck tracks he creates.  Also, he's discovered the joy of fort building, which puts our house in a near-constant state of disaster.  Worth it for his happiness and creativity, right?  Right??

Isaac is not going to preschool this year, but we just enrolled him in a gymnastics class.  I'm very impressed with the teacher and location.  Isaac is a little reticent at first, but he eventually will join the group and have fun with it.  We've only been two times, but already I see him getting more comfortable and enjoying it more.  Samuel is DESPERATE to join in the fun, so we might sign him up for the toddler's class after the new year when medical bills have settled down.

Samuel is still the same little spitfire punk that we love and adore.  He talks all the time and with much fluency for his age.  People are generally surprised and impressed by how much he talks, but that's only when he deigns to speak in front of others.  His newly acquired linguistic ability has made playing with Isaac much easier and more enjoyable for both of them, so now they spend most of their days playing together with only minimal fighting. 

Samuel remains, as ever, a complete goofball.  Seriously, this kid was born a class clown!  He will do anything to make us all laugh, and he's very good at it.
We've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender as a family for the past several months.  Both boys love it and get really into it, but Isaac especially enjoys this special time with us.  We'll be finishing the series tonight, which is a little sad...

So now we're just preparing ourselves for the arrival of our baby.  We have everything we need - a new mattress, clothes, car seat, bottles, diapers and even new pacifiers.  This baby WILL love the pacifier!  And bottles!  And sleeping!  Our boys were too good for all of those things...

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