Monday, September 24, 2012

Elinor's birth

The timing of Elinor's birth must have been divinely influenced.  That's the only way I can describe it.  With Collin's surgery looming overhead, I was sure that the baby would come before it was all behind us. Thankfully, she had the good grace to wait until all of Collin's medical things were sorted out (barely though, I went into labor as he was leaving for the doctor's office for his last appointment!).  Sammy was up with fever and vomiting the night before and that morning, but the fever broke and he started holding food down just after I went into labor (though not before I got to experience the joy of cleaning up vomit through a contraction - whee!). 

So here's the birth story in a nutshell:  I woke up feeling the same as normal, but started to get mild contractions a few hours later.  Collin went to the doctor's office at 10:30 to have his catheter removed.  By the time he returned a couple hours later I was definitely in labor, though it was still the early stages.  The midwives came over around 3:00 and were surprised to find me fully effaced and already dilated to a 7 (which turned to an 8 as she was checking).  After that it was just a matter of waiting for the contractions to get strong and close enough to finish the job.  Once they did (active labor), everything happened very quickly.  Twenty minutes later, I found myself with a baby in my arms!

This birth fell somewhere between Isaac's and Samuel's on the pain scale.  It hurt a lot more than Sammy's birth but nowhere near as bad as Isaac's.  I was ordered on bed rest for the three days following the birth, but I doubt I could have walked around much anyway.  I'm glad that everything happened so quickly and that my midwives were so incredible.  I'm especially glad that everything worked out the timing of the birth. Thanks, Elinor, for waiting for Daddy to get better!

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