Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekly Digest, February 7 2016

Tuesday February 2nd was Grandpa's funeral.  It was also really really freezing but at least the crazy snowstorm from Monday let up.  It was actually a very nice and peaceful day.  The funeral began at Grandma's chapel near her house.  There was a viewing and then we met in the main chapel at 11:00 for the funeral itself.  First Sheena and Winslow spoke together, then Jeannette, and then a friend of Grandpa's.  The female grandchildren (and Maxine) all sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives."  Then we all drove over to the cemetery for the interment.  There was a military ceremony and flag-folding.  It was really cool.
The guy on the right played Taps.  It was beautiful.

After the funeral we met up at the chapel and had a potluck.  The kids all had fun playing together and it was neat seeing the entire family together in one room.  We are a gigantic family.
Grandma and her remaining children.
Grandma and her grandchildren.  There are five missing from the photo.
 Her great-grandchildren didn't all fit in one picture.  87 great-grandchildren! (although a few were missing).  Sammy is on the far left of this picture and Isaac is up in the top middle with Cade.
Ellie and Daisy are on the far left.  Daisy is on Ashton's lap.  

Otherwise it was a pretty normal week.  Except for the insane snowstorm on Monday - I worked from home because it was too terrifying to drive in.

Last night we had our greatest Family Home Movie Night ever.  We drove up to downtown SLC and went to the Gourmandise Bakery and got some fancy pastries.  Then we stopped by Chinatown and got take-out Chinese food from "Ho Mei."  When we got home we put a blanket on the floor and ate our takeout picnic-style while watching "Tangled."  This may have been the first time that Ellie watched the entire movie with us without complaint.  She actually liked it! And the food really hit the spot - we got a half roast duck (Sammy's request), veggie chow mein, and sweet and sour chicken.

I snapped these pictures today.  Nothing big, just tried to capture simple moments.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Willard Call Mann: 1921-2016

This past Thursday Grandpa Mann died.  The man was/is a hero and an incredible patriarch.  He was strong and muscular before there were gyms.  He was married for 73 years!  He hobnobbed with celebrities and has an autograph book that would put any Comic-con fanboy to shame.  He has a Purple Heart.  He had a distinctive voice that was smooth as silk yet raspy and manly.  Even as an older man he could walk up stairs on his hands.  The man was solid and unstoppable.  Part of me thought he'd never actually die - he just seemed too strong for that.  He's such a man that even his last name means "man".  He was a perfect example to his family of over 100 descendants of how a true man should look and act.

Weekly Update, January 31, 2016

We've had a busy few weeks, though not much was actually done.  Daisy started eating solids a few days shy of her 6-month birthday. She had been reaching for our food for a while (more like lunging), so we mashed up some avocado for her to try one day and she grabbed the spoon and shoved it in her mouth.  I guess it's not too surprising that this baby loves food.  :)  She has tried avocado, banana, carrots, peas, sweet potato, and rice cereal so far and has loved everything but the carrots (which she'll still eat if mixed with peas).
Daisy update: She is starting to sit up on her own and can manage to stay balanced for a few seconds to a minute at a time before she slowly starts falling over.  No pictures of this yet, but it's pretty cute.  She's spitting a ton!  No need to shower her - she's self-bathing!
She loves to grab her feet and occasionally suck on her toes.
She shakes her head 'no' on command, only once you get her going she keeps going for a while.  She also likes to randomly plop her head down like she's given up.  Loves mirrors and always smiles huge when she sees herself.  Stranger anxiety has set in and she won't let others hold her for very long before crying.  Still a jumping maniac.  Nothing brings her greater joy than to jump, whether in her jumper toy or on Mommy's lap.
She also loves being thrown in the air.  She rolls from back to front all the time but can't get back onto her back, which is super annoying when she does it at night.  We've had to buy her these special footless pajamas because she kicks so much in her sleep that her legs either get caught in the crotch of regular footed pajamas or else she undoes the entire bottom half of her pajamas (if they're the button-up kind).
Sleep training happened all last week.  She had been waking up about 8 times a night on average, which is just crazy.  It was a really rough week, but she's doing much better now, usually waking up 1-2 times a night.  I'll call it a win.  We are all in love with our Daisy-Girl!
Isaac's grade hosted a habitat presentation at school last week.  Parents were invited to attend, so I packed up the other three and we learned about deserts from their big bro!
We try to take the kids on individual outings whenever we can.  Ellie got one with me to Farm Country (where she spends a very long time feeding the goats scraps of hay she finds on the ground) and one with Collin to Costco. 

I love that the kids choose to sleep in the same bed.  It's sweet.  The other night they put up some blankets to create a fort bed.

My friend Michelle came over last weekend and we made lavender macarons for a friend.  I had leftover lavender-vanilla buttercream from the project, so I made a batch of Earl Grey-flavored macaron shells the next day and called my combination London Fog macarons.

It's been snowing a lot lately.  The boys have discovered an excellent sledding hill in an empty lot behind our neighbors' backyard and have gone sledding almost every day for the past week.  They come home with all kinds of scrapes and bruises, but it's worth it for the thrill!  Isaac offered to shovel the driveway for me after one snowfall.  It was a lovely and unexpected break from that chore.

Elinor has finally started letting me put her hair up more often.  I never get over how cute she looks with her hair in pigtails! 
Ellie and Daisy are the best of friends!  At least, we hope they will be.  Ellie still dotes on her baby sister and is so affectionate with her (albeit a little roughly).

This Thursday evening Collin's grandpa passed away.  We'll be doing a separate post for this, but wanted to mention it here.  Here he is with Grandma at our wedding.  What a classy couple!  We'll miss you, Grandpa!